Swan Hanging Bone Earrings for Stretched Ears (Pair) - C030

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This design features a beautiful white swan hanging through your stretched ears. Each swan is individually hand carved. This pair of white swan hanger plugs is hand crafted from recycled bone with the following dimensions...

  • 3mm (8 gauge) - Length = 2.5" Width = 1"
  • 4mm (6 gauge) - Length = 2.5" Width = 1"
  • 5mm (4 gauge) - Length = 2.5" Width = 1"
  • 6mm (2 gauge) - Length = 2.75" Width = 1"
  • 8mm (0 gauge) - Length = 2.75" Width = 1"
  • 10mm (00 gauge) - Length = 3" Width = 1"
  • Fake Gauge - Length = 2.5" Width = 1"

Product Details:

Material: Recycled Bone
Color: White
Type: Hanger

For more information:


Horn and Bone:  The horn and bone we use comes from the domestic asian water buffalo.  In Indonesia the water buffalo is used in daily work life.  They help work the farms and rice fields and provide milk for the community.  They are an extremely important part of Indonesian culture.  After the water buffalo dies the animal is respected by using every part of the cow.  It is used for meat, leather, and the bone and horn for jewelry and art.

These white swans hanging earrings are only sold as pairs.   Please know we take our time and put our love into each pair we carve.  We know you will see the love in each pair of hanging earrings.

All shipments come from Orlando, FL.