Crowdfund FAQ

  • Q: What happens if you don’t hit your crowdfunding goal by the date in the timer, will you really kill this product?  
    A: Yes, the only way we are promising to bring these products into stock is if we hit our minimum.
  • Q: Will the product look exactly like the picture?
    A: Each pair is unique.  They will look very similar
  • Q: Why are you crowdfunding?
    A: There are actually quite a few reasons:
    • Allows our customers to tell us what they like so our selection will be only the best products.
    • Allows us to keep our pricing low by buying our material at a bulk price
    • Allows us to weed out the products that you do not like.
  • Q: I see you've hit the minimum, does this mean you will get the product early?
    A: Typically we will get going as soon as the minimum is hit.  We cannot guarantee we will move faster, but it does help.
  • Q: When will you charge me?
    A: Your payment will be charged right away, so we can ship your items once they are in stock without any delay.
  • Q: What happens if I order some "in stock" merchandise at the same time as the crowdfund products?
    A:  We typically will ship the items "in stock" separately before the Crowdfund. 
  • Q: When will my order be shipped?
    A:  If we hit our goal and you are one of the first customers to buy your size we will probably ship it out within 2-4 weeks.  If you are late to the game for your size it means we have a lot to carve.  The second estimate would be 4-6 weeks.
  • Q: How do I know if you hit the minimum?
    A: You may follow along on the website to see how the funding is progressing. We will email you at the end of the funding period to let you know if it was a success or a failure.
  • Q: I really want one of the products, what can I do to help?
    A:  Share it! Put it on facebook, twitter, snapchat.  What ever it takes to get it out there.  The more the product is out to the public the better chance it has to succeed.
  • Q: I’m not into the whole “crowdfund” thing, will I be able to buy a crowdfunded product later?
    A:  There’s no guarantee. The best chance to get it is now.