LIMITED EDITION - Wood DragonFly Heart Gauges (Pair) - PA78

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We have only made a few of these unique dragonfly heart plugs.  We are feeling the love and have added a little special something to our popular carved hearts.  We took a little more time on these carvings and added a hidden gem.  We love dragonflies.  The dragonfly is a symbol of change and transformation.  We want to celebrate life's constant changes and transformation.

We have only made a few of each size with our dragonfly carved into the heart.  Here are the numbers we made (please keep in mind once they are sold out they are done). Only 2made of 20 -30mm

    • 20 mm = 13/16" (only 2 pairs made)
    • 26 mm = 1" (only 2 pairs made)
    • 28 mm = 1 - 1/8" (only 2 pairs made)
    • 30 mm = 1 - 1/6" (only 2 pairs made)

Product Details:

Material: Sono Wood
Color: Medium - Dark Brown
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Heart

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*Please note that all earrings are individually hand carved with love and passion. There is typically a slight difference between the two earrings.