Proper Use of Shaped Plugs

Proper Use of Shaped Plugs

Wearing Triangles, Teardrops, Squares, Hearts or other uniquely shaped Plugs and Tunnels

Are they safe to wear?

We have been selling teardrops, diamonds, triangles, ovals, squares, hearts and other shaped plugs for quite some time.  We often get comments or questions about whether uniquely shaped plugs are safe to wear.  The answer is yes, but they are made to wear for short periods of time.

Everyone's ears are different and everyone's ears react differently.  The first thing to remember is just like any time you stretch your ear if there is any discomfort, stop and remove the plugs.

Do not wear shaped plugs for an extended amount of time.

We recommend that you wear nonround plugs for only short amounts of time.  Think of wearing your plugs for day use only.  Do not wear your plugs to bed.  Round plugs will distribute the pressure to all parts of your fistula.  When you wear non-round plugs you will start to develop pressure points over an extended period of time.  These pressure points will vary depending on the shape.  Oval and Teardrop plugs will cause the least amount of pressure points, while pointed shapes like diamonds and triangle plugs will cause a greater chance of pressure points.  The higher the chance of pressure points on your ear the more chances of a thinning or even tearing.  

You may have read stories from others saying that their ears have been torn or injured because of shaped plugs.  These are extreme circumstances.  The majority of the time the reason is not the plugs, but rather the person who keeps their plugs in too long.  You have stretched ears so you should know by now to be safe.  If something hurts or is not comfortable, take out your plugs.  We also strongly recommend not using shaped plugs to stretch your ears.

How do I insert and remove shaped plugs?

Shaped plugs should go in and out of your ear the same way as other round plugs.   Typical warm shower and a natural lubrication will help them slip in.  Never try to force them in.  If they hurt coming in and out then you have purchased the wrong size.

What size shaped plugs are the right size for me?

It is easy.  Our measurements are done so the size plugs you need are the same as regular round plugs.  So if you normally wear 00 gauge round plugs then you will need to purchase 00 gauge shaped plugs.

I know we have been sent a ton of photos of customers enjoying their shaped plugs, but would love to hear other comments on why they like or do not like shaped plugs.

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I too have bought the coffin black onyx stone ear plugs double flared.. Just in time for Halloween. I cannot get them in my 00g holes. A local piercing parlor told me that shaped plugs are not the exact same size as the round ones. I was told To wear padlocks in my ears so that it will stretch them just enough to get the double flares in. I have worn padlocks for 6 hours today while I was running around town and I still cannot get them in. I see a lot of people posting comments and questions but where are the answers lol?

C. Johnson

I bought some coffin plugs in 00 because my ears are stretched to 10mm, but I literally can’t get them in. I feel like I’d have to go to 11mm to get them to fit.


I just received a tear shaped pair of plugs and I love them..They fit me to a t….I will continue ordering from this company in the future…

Elid G

I bought the wooden hearts and they look odd in my ears. There’s a huge gap at the top and i got the correct size. I slipped them inside a pair of silicone tunnels but sadly they domt look any cooler. What do i do about the big gap in between my heart plug and round hole lol?

Chelsea Lafferty

Teran I have coffins and everytime I put them in my ears begin to tear.


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