Ear Plugs

Plugs  for your Stretched Ears

Two Feather Plugs offers the latest gauged plugs for your stretched ears.  Our wood plugs, horn plugs, and bone plugs are all hand carved.  Each carved plug is unique and extremely artistic.  It is time to put some in your stretched ears.   The gauges we offer range from 2 gauge up to 40mm.  We also sell the most popular stone plugs as well as our stainless steel plugs.  Some of the safest plugs in the industry are Two Feather's glass plugs.  Check out our giant selection of plugs for all sizes of stretched ears.

Wood Plugs

Our Wood Plugs are all hand carved.  We have been constantly coming up with new designs with your style in mind.  These are by far our most popular and most unique look for your stretched ears.  The hardest thing is keeping these in stock.  Each wood plug is carved with love and joy.  Please keep in mind these plugs take a lot of time and energy to make so we can only make so many.

Stainless Steel Plugs

Our Stainless Steel plugs are the safest material to put in your stretched ears. Stainless Steel are very popular while someone is stretching their ears.  It helps reduce the chance of infection or bacteria build up that might happen with a fresh stretch.  Plus these plugs are some of the stylish plugs we offer.  From the Shiny Bling Bling plugs to our popular T-Rex plugs we have the style you are looking for.

Stone Plugs

Our natural stone plugs are a win win look for your stretched ears.  Popular stones include Amethyst, Opalite, and Obsidian.  Each one is carved from the actual stone and polished down for the sharp look for your stretched ears.  We offer both single flare and double flare stone plugs and our sizes range from 5 gauge all the way up to 40mm.

Glass Plugs

Glass is another really safe way to stretch your ears.  Our glass plugs have unique designs to help you celebrate the holidays throughout the year.  We also offer clear glass plugs that allow you to see all the way through your stretched ears.

Halloween Plugs

We are known for our spooky Halloween plugs.  We offer a range supply of wood plugs and stainless steel plugs that are made for the spooky Halloween season.  From our Ghost plugs to our Bat plugs we constantly are adding to our Halloween collection.  You will LOVE our spooky designs.

Why you should buy Plugs from Two Feather Plugs

Embark on a wild journey of ear adornment with Two Feather Plugs—your ticket to a world where style meets whimsy, and every stretch is a celebration!  Why settle for ordinary when you can make your stretched ears the life of the party?  We have the most unique plugs for your stretched ears

At Two Feather Plugs, we're not just selling plugs; we're curators of ear magic. Picture this: your lobes bedazzled with a kaleidoscope of colors, from vibrant rainbows to the subtle elegance of metallic hues. Each ear plug is a tiny masterpiece, a declaration of your individuality that's as unique as your fingerprint.

But it's not just about the plugs; it's about the experience. Navigating our collection is like a treasure hunt where every click unveils a new surprise. From cosmic swirls to whimsical shapes, we've got the quirkiest, coolest plugs your ears could dream of.

And let's talk about comfort—our plugs are like hugs for your stretched ears. Crafted from premium materials, they're not just about style; they're about feeling good while looking fabulous in your plugs.

So, why Two Feather Plugs? Because life's too short for boring ears, and we're here to make every stretch a statement. Let's turn your ears into the canvas for your wildest, most whimsical self-expression!

If you haver any questions about our plugs please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com