Ear Tunnels

Ear Tunnels for your Stretched Ears

We offer the best quality and the most unique tunnels for your stretched ears.  We offer our tunnels in several materials including stainless steel, stone, and glass.  We also hand carve wood tunnels that are the most unique tunnels for your stretched ears.  Our tunnels for your stretched ears come from sizes from 6 gauge all the way up to 40mm.  You will love our giant selection of tunnels.

What ear tunnels do you recommend?

We sell hundreds of tunnels so we understand it might be hard to select which pair is best for your stretched ears.  Personally I LOVE our wood plugs.  I am a little biased on this opinion though because we hand carve each of these tunnels.  So I know the time and joy we have making these ear tunnels.  I love our Halloween tunnels like our bats.  If you ask an unbiased person several customers love our stone tunnels.  Our Amethyst tunnels are one of our most popular.

Safest Tunnels used to Stretch your ears.

Stainless steel plugs and tunnels are our safest material to stretch your ears with.  It will not collect bacteria and is easy to clean keeping your freshly stretched ears safe from infection.

Teardrop Tunnels

One of our more popular designs of tunnels for your stretched ears are our teardrop shaped tunnels.  These come in a wide variety of materials from wood and stainless steel.  The teardrop ear tunnels are a shaped plug so should be worn in a short period of time until your ears get used to the shape.  Click here for more information on the proper use of shaped plugs

Spooky Tunnels

Two Feather Plugs is well known for their Spooky Plugs and tunnels.  We love Halloween and each year come up with new spooky tunnels.  We love hand carving our tunnels in shapes of bats, ghosts, and goblins.  We know you will love these spooky ear tunnels for your stretched ears.

Why Buy Ear Tunnels from Two Feather Plugs?

Why buy from Two Feather Plugs?  Our Ear Plugs and Tunnels are like no others.  Who said ear tunnels can't be the VIP access to a party for your stretched ear? Join our vibrant community of stretched ears where individuality reigns, and Two Feather Plugs is the ultimate playground. These ear tunnels aren't just accessories; they're tickets to an earvolution of fun, creativity, and camaraderie.  Dive into a world where ear tunnels aren't just holes; they're portals to a community that celebrates your unique stretch journey. Be bold, be quirky, and let Two Feather Plugs turn your stretched ears into the life of the ear party

If you haver any questions about our ear tunnels for your stretched ears please do not hesitate to email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com