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Don't Call Them Gauged Ears!!!


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Are you new to the world of ear stretching?  If so, you'd better watch out.  There are a lot of A-holes in this world.  One of the biggest a-holes you will meet is the one that insists that you do not call plugs or tunnels "GAUGES".  They will explain to you how a gauge is a measurement or size used to measure your ear.  This by definition is very correct.  A "Gauged Ear" really doesn't make any sense in the English language.  Gauge refers to the size of the hole in your ear.  So for instance a 2 gauged ear refers to a 6mm hole.  

I feel that if you are new to this world of stretched ears one should welcome you with open arms.  You should be able to call them whatever you wish until you figure out the "correct" terms. Some people will continue to call them GAUGES or GAUGED EARS for the rest of their lives, and to me that is perfectly acceptable.  The truth is we all know what you are talking about.  Some people are just more rude than other people.  In fact there will be a point in your stretched ear journey where you will have the opportunity when someone calls your plugs gauges.  Will you be the one that becomes a raging hulk and correct them saying "They aren't gauges."  Or will you just be ok with the fact that someone calls them gauges?

Just to make sure you know the correct way to use the term gauge earring lets go over a few thing.  Gauges will have a lower number the smaller the ear gauge.  Typically a person will start with regular pierced ear which has a gauge of either 20 gauge or 18 gauge.  The 18 gauge hole in your ear is larger than the 20 gauge hole in your ear.  Gauged ear sizes typically go from 12 gauge up to 00 gauge.  After 00 gauge most plugs are measured in either millimeter or inches.  So the largest gauged ear is 00 gauge.  Below is a chart that is used to show the different gauge sizes that is also in millimeters. 

gauge earrings

For some, calling plugs gauged ears is like nails on a chalkboard, but please do not be discouraged.  We have all been in your shoes.  My final thought is that the world of stretched ears needs to be more understanding and politely explain these things to our new members.  This place we call earth is filled with enough A-holes. Please allow people to use the term gauge or gauged ears when talking about plugs.  

We want to welcome people who are new to the world of stretched ears and allow them a place to express their unique style.  Let everyone call them gauged ears if they want to.  Embrace a community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and self-expression.  I will be your friend even if you call the gauged ears.  If you want to contact us at Two Feather Plugs and talk about gauges email us at


What do you prefer?  Do you refer to them as plugs or gauges?  Or do you say gauged ears?  Is it that big of a deal to you?  Please tell us your story by commenting below.

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I really don’t think that educating someone so they can be correct in the future is rude, or indicates any emotion. I don’t get angry when people make mistakes, I do let them know that they are making a common mistake and how to avoid making it in the future if they care.
If they choose to sound uneducated after learning their mistake- fine. I won’t be purchasing from them, and if they don’t make plugs or tunnels then it’s a moot point.
If you’re in the business, though, and you’re using the term gauges, I pretty much run the other way. Just like if a hair stylist calls dry flakes of skin “dandruff”, they seem like they don’t know the difference and that lapse in education lets me know that I should pick a different service provider with a better grasp on their craft.


Hi, I know I’m late to this conversation, but I was corrected today about how even saying “stretched ears” is wrong because it’s supposed to be said as “stretched lobes”. So who cares what you call it because you’ll always be wrong in someone’s eyes. 🤦‍♀️


I will be honest. I hate when I hear them called gauged ears. But it’s not that big of a thing. I saw one girl be all snooty one time to another girl correcting her and belittling her. I find that more annoying than someone calling them gauged ears.


I literally did not know that this was a problem for people. I have gauged ears, I wear plugs or tunnels, (never any tapers) and say “oh I want to swap to my tunnels tomorrow” etc… When talking to people, sometimes they will ask about my piercings/gauges/earrings, and I often talk about my process of gauging my ears… – there is no difference to me (they are just objects after all).


I am very close to my 50s and just call them ears. Yes, I do have gauges 25mm but when I go put my plugs or tunnels in I say “I need to go put my ears on”. As you get older you start wasting less time on that crap it means nothing it will change tomorrow anyway.


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