Wood Hangers, Plugs, and Tunnels - Areng

Hand Carved Wood Hangers, Plugs, and Tunnels

Areng is a dark wood that we use to carve the needed detail to make these plugs incredible.  Two Feather Plugs carves our plugs with great care giving you the perfect art for your stretched ears.

Carved Wood Plugs

We carve all our wood plugs as double flare plugs.  Typically you will see a 2mm flare come from the center of the plug.  We carve the wood and sand it smooth for complete comfort in your stretched ears.  The wood we choose allow us to create some precise detail into our plugs.  You will be amazed with the gorgeous plugs we can create for you.

Carved Wood Hangers

Our wooden hangers bring a gorgeous and elegant look for your stretched ears.  They are lightweight compared to a steel or glass plug.  We carve intricate designs and with such details peoples heads will turn when you enter the room.  The artist have more freedom with the wooden hangers allowing to carve pieces that give more of an organic look, but also can be used for that heavy metal vibe.  There is a wooden hanger that is perfect for you.

Carved Wooden Spirals

The wood spirals from Two Feather Plugs are by far the most popular design we sell.  Customers are in love with the "Tim Burton" design.  These spirals have been dubbed this by our customers because they look like a spiral that would be in a Tim Burton movie.  Each one is carved and sanded to allow a smooth and comfortable fit.

When is it safe to wear wood plugs?

We recommend you wait until your ears have stretched to the size you are looking for and fully healed before wearing wood plugs.  Wood plugs are a porous material which means they are more likely to carry bacteria that may be harmful to a freshly stretched ear.  

Should I wear Wood Plugs in the shower?

We do not recommend getting wood wet.  Due to its nature wood has a tendency of drying and cracking if you use water.  So we always tell our customers not to get our wood plugs wet.  Yes they should still be cleaned and taken care of.  We recommend using a natural oil such as Jojoba oil to keep things clean.

If you have any questions on our wood plugs, tunnels, or hangers please contact us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com