We are so excited you have found us here at Two Feather Plugs. Our goal is to spread the word of giving.  As you purchase our stretch earrings know that a portion of your purchase will go to the support of artists around the world.  It also will be used to give to both charities located in the Orlando area as well as international charities.

As the owner my goal is to keep you the customer happy and satisfied with our earrings.  If you have any issues with your item please let me know and I will personally take care of it. - Danny.


For years we have been charging shipping, but we love our customers and want to give them what they want.  We now offer Free shipping for all orders over $35.  If you spend under $35 we only charge $3.99.  It's just one of the ways we want to give back to our customers.  Unfortunately, we can only do this if you live inside the continental USA.  We do charge shipping for international customers.

There are sometimes for international shipping where your country might charge a customs fee.  These are really unpredictable and not the responsibility of Two Feather Plugs.  There are too many countries and too many policies in this world that it is impossible for us to know if you will get charged a fee.  That said most our orders do not have any customs fee.  If you are unhappy with your customs fee please contact your government not us.


If anything is wrong with your product for example it arrived broken, damaged, or even if you are not satisfied please contact us. We will either figure out a new replacement or refund your money. We will ask you to ship back the original item at your cost if we decide to replace it.

Let's keep things reasonable. Any problem should be resolved with us within 30 days.  We are here to make sure you are happy with our product.


We know our earrings are stylish, but we are not responsible for how or when you wear them. We suggest these are worn to show off your uniqueness. These hangers, tunnels, and plugs are not to be used as a main source of stretching. We also do not suggest wearing these after a stretch while your ears are healing. Wood, horn, and other organic sources can cause irritation, pain, or damage to your ears while your ears are damaged from stretching.

We do not suggest you wear our plugs or ear stretchers while sleeping, showering, swimming, drinking in excess, or getting into wrestling matches. While we can control how these earrings are made, we cannot control how you behave. Please, please, please, be careful with these. We would hate for anything to cause damage to our handcrafted earrings or to yourself. Two Feather Plugs cannot take responsibility for your actions. If something happens while wearing our earrings. You the customer takes full responsibility.

Two Feather Connection LLC is not responsible for the customer's injury to themselves while wearing our product. This includes any tearing of the ear or infection that may occur due to some unknown allergic reaction. The user/customer takes full responsibility for how the product is worn. Body's behave in many different ways. There are many other factors that can cause reactions. Airborn or other containments (such as something on your hands) can actually be causing the allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs please take the product out immediately and let your ears heal. If an allergy or injury occurs the customer is to take full responsibility. This includes any doctors bills or medication. You are responsible for knowing what your body is allergic to. If you have any question about if you may be allergic to our product do not purchase from us. It is recommended that our product is used for occasional use and not used to keep in the lobe of the ear for a continuous amount of time. In other words be smart people. Please feel free to contact us for more information