22mm - (7/8") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

7/8 inch plugs and tunnels

Two Feather Plugs has a giant selection of our larger plugs and tunnels to order.  Our 7/8 inch is one step closer to one of the more popular goals of 1 inch plugs.  There are several materials to choose from at this size.  Stainless steel, stone, and glass.  Choose from our saddles, teardrop plugs, tunnels, hangers, spirals.  There is a giant selection of designs at this 7/8 inch size

What size is 7/8 inch gauges in mm?

We always make all of our plug designs in millimeters.  We always recommend everyone to know and purchase their plugs based on millimeters.  Most plug manufacturers will make their plugs in millimeters and convert it to inches or their proper gauge size.  At 22mm the inch size is 0.866 inches.  This is closest to 7/8 inches which is equal to 0.875 inches. Most all online stores convert 22mm to 7/8 inch.

22 mm Ear Saddles

Two Feather Plugs sells some unique stainless steel 22mm ear saddles. This size looks incredible in your stretched ears.  One of our most popular is our Abalone saddles.  The abalone has a gorgeous glow in these stainless steel saddles.  The saddles sit snuggly on the bottom of your earlobe.   We also sell a great design called the Kali saddles that are incredible in 22mm.

7/8 Inch Wood Spirals and Hoops

One of our most popular designs at 22mm are our wooden spirals and hoops.  These wooden spirals are light weight and a show stopper at this size.  When you see the pictures of our customers wearing these hoops and spirals you will agree these are a great look.  Our wood allows us to carve the larger sizes without adding weight.  These cannot be done with other materials like stone or steel as it starts to cross over to the ear weight catergory.

You will Love our 22mm Plugs and Tunnels

If this is your first order with us, Two Feather Plugs knows you will agree that you will LOVE our plugs and tunnels at the 22mm gauges.  Our wood plug are carved in such detail we guarantee you will be amazed by the art for your stretched ears.  If you have any questions about our plug and tunnels email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com