Halloween Plugs and Gauges

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween.  It is why we carve the plugs we carve.  Every year we hand carve thousands of Halloween plugs.  We can never keep up with the demand that our customers have.  We carve so many pumpkin plugs, ghost plugs, bat plugs, and more.  These all take a lot of time to make all the gauges that we carve.  We typically carve gauge size between 2 gauge all the way up to 30 millimeters.

Pumpkin Plugs

The number 1 plugs that we sell during Halloween are our pumpkin plugs.  We bring a new carved pumpkin every year.  From our evil pumpkins to our happy pumpkin each pumpkin plug is carved with so much detail you will love them.  We also introduced our rotten pumpkins which is carved from a dark wood.  These were an immediate hit with our customers.

Ghost Plugs

We carve a ton of ghost plugs.  These are carved from both bone and wood and the two compliment each other so well to give a spooky ghostie type of vibe.  You will love these ghost as they are part of our Halloween plug collection.

Bat Plugs and Hangers

Bats are a big part of out Halloween gauges.  One of our popular carvings are our bat twisters.  We carved these both out of horn and wood.  The horn bats give us the black looking bat, while our wood bat twisters allow us to create twisters for larger gauged ears.  If you do not like twisters we have carved our vampire bats into wooden tunnels.  These are also a customer favorite

Spider Plugs

Also one of the favorites out of our Halloween plug collection are our spider plugs.  We have so many to choose from.  From our hand carved wooden plugs to our stainless steel tunnels and teardrop plugs.  Our spiders love to creep around in your stretched ears.

You will Love Halloween Plugs from Two Feather Plugs

Our Halloween plugs are beloved by our customers.  It is our favorite time of year and we love creating them for you.  Please keep in mind these take a very long time to carve so our supplies are always limited.  As our demand continues to grow for our Halloween gauges we try our best to keep up.  We have to make sure our art and quality is perfect though.  So I hope you grab a pair before they run out.