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Don't Call Them Gauged Ears!!!

Don't Call Them Gauged Ears!!!


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Are you new to the world of ear stretching?  If so, you'd better watch out.  There are a lot of A-holes in this world.  One of the biggest a-holes you will meet is the one that insists that you do not call plugs or tunnels "GAUGES".  They will explain to you how a gauge is a measurement or size used to measure your ear.  This by definition is very correct.  A "Gauged Ear" really doesn't make any sense in the English language.  Gauge refers to the size of the hole in your ear.  So for instance a 2 gauged ear refers to a 6mm hole.  

I feel that if you are new to this world of stretched ears one should welcome you with open arms.  You should be able to call them whatever you wish until you figure out the "correct" terms. Some people will continue to call them GAUGES or GAUGED EARS for the rest of their lives, and to me that is perfectly acceptable.  The truth is we all know what you are talking about.  Some people are just more rude than other people.  

Just to make sure you know the correct way to use the term gauge earrring lets go over a few thing.  Gauges will have a lower number the smaller the ear gauge.  Typically a person will start with regular pierced ear which has a gauge of either 20 gauge or 18 gauge.  The 18 gauge hole in your ear is larger than the 20 gauge hole in your ear.  Below is a chart that is used to show the different gauge sizes that is also in millimeters.

gauge earrings

For some, calling plugs gauged ears is like nails on a chalkboard, but please do not be discouraged.  We have all been in your shoes.  My final thought is that the world of stretched ears needs to be more understanding and politely explain these things to our new members.  This place we call earth is filled with enough A-holes. Please allow people to use the term gauge or gauged ears when talking about plugs.  


What do you prefer?  Do you refer to them as plugs or gauges?  Or do you say gauged ears?  Is it that big of a deal to you?  Please tell us your story by commenting below.


  • I am very close to my 50s and just call them ears. Yes, I do have gauges 25mm but when I go put my plugs or tunnels in I say “I need to go put my ears on”. As you get older you start wasting less time on that crap it means nothing it will change tomorrow anyway.

    - Carolyn
  • I didn’t know that people had so much hate about the use of the word “gauges” or “gauged ears”. I’ve called mine gauges and gauged ears for 2 decades and only in the past few years have started also using “stretched ears” when referring to them. Never had any one hate on what I call them but only older people many many years ago would very rarely ask why I would do that or that they aren’t a fan of them but usually they are still very respectful and nice.

    - Emily
  • Old folk always get angry at the new slang the young whipper snappers are using.

    Seriously though – it’s just slang. Get the fuck over it. I prefer to call them stretched ears and plugs just because of the PTSD of having called them gauges to a piercer once in 2007. Fuck that guy.

    - Orion Swift
  • I agree that people shouldn’t be rude when correcting others on the correct terminology (plugs, weights, etc). BUT! It is certainly OK for someone to correct you politely. You shouldn’t get so offended when you find out you’re doing something wrong…it’s OK! You’re human no one knows everything, professional piercers are more than happy to share their knowledge. “I like your jewelry/earrings” is much better than gauges.

    - Kreuter87
  • goes to Google to learn terminology so I’m not the guy calling it gauges
    Finds article talking about why people shouldn’t be mad when people don’t know terminology
    Article doesn’t teach any terminology

    - nick palmitessa

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