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Butterfly Necklace - Dark Wood Necklace - W007

Butterfly Necklace - Dark Wood Necklace - W007

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Our "Butterfly Necklace" is part of our spirit animal collection. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Butterflies bring about transformation. Maybe it's time you come out of your cocoon and blossom into what it is that you were meant to be. Let the Butterfly guide you towards your rebirth.

It is made of Sono Wood and has the following dimensions.

Length = 1.5"
Width = 1.5"
Material = Sono Wood

Complimentary rope cord included, which is adjustable via sliding knots to approximately 23".

*Please note that all pieces are individually carved by human hands. There is typically a slight difference between finished pieces.

Everything that we have listed for purchase is already made and ready to ship.  We do not do custom orders.

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