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Princess Gem Faceted Cut Plugs - (Pair) - PH94

Princess Gem Faceted Cut Plugs - (Pair) - PH94

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Princess Gem Plugs

Shiny Sparkly Princess Gems!!!  Putting the bling in the princess's ears.  Seriously, these are a stunning cut that sparkles almost like a diamond.  You will love these Princess Gem Plugs.  We currently sell these from 2 gauge up to 30mm.  Our customers agree that these are impossible to show the perfection and glow in these plugs online.  You have to see them in person.  

These plugs sparkle because of the faceted cut.  They are double flare which give a excellent fit for your stretched ears.  You will love these princess gem plugs.

Diameters and gauge sizes available...

  • 6mm - 2 gauge
  • 8mm - 0 gauge
  • 10mm - 00 gauge
  • 11mm - 7/16"
  • 12mm - 15/32"
  • 13mm - 1/2 inch
  • 14mm - 9/16 inch
  • 16mm -5/8 inch
  • 18mm - 11/16 inch
  • 19mm -3/4 inch
  • 20mm - 13/16 inch
  • 22mm - 7/8 inch
  • 24mm - 15/16 inch
  • 25mm - 1 inch
  • 26mm - 1 inch
  • 30mm - 1-1/6 inch

Product Details:

Material: Glass
Color: Blue/Purple
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Round

All shipments come from Orlando, FL

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kristen Oviatt

I absolutely love my new plugs! I haven’t even wanted to take them out. They make me feel enchanting to say the least lol. Definitely buy a pair!

Jennifer Simmering

Love these


Just as beautiful as the pictures !


Omgggg this Are my absolute favorite new pair of plugs I could not be any more in love with how these look They look absolutely stunning like just different from anything I have and I have some pretty crazy plugs, but these are by far My favorite Thank you so much, two feather plugs!!! 🖤 💜

casey montoya

I love them , I get so many compliments when I wear them ! Great company , thank you ! Not my first purchase or my last