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Seven Seas Blue Heart Plugs (Pair) - G020

Seven Seas Blue Heart Plugs (Pair) - G020

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Made from Glass these blue heart plugs are a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. For a love that is deep and complex like the ocean, these hearts are stunning. We also offer this heart design in red, for those who's love is more ignitable. 

Diameters and sizes available for the following gauged ears...

  • 6mm = 2 gauge
  • 8 mm = 0 gauge
  • 10 mm = 00 gauge
  • 12 mm = 15/32"
  • 14 mm = 9/16"
  • 16 mm = 5/8"

Product Details:

Material: Glass
Color: Blue
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Round

All Orders are shipped from Orlando

Please note that each plug is individually carved so there will be slight differences between each plug.

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