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Amazonite Teardrop Plugs - Double Flared Amazonite Plugs (Pair) - PB30

Amazonite Teardrop Plugs - Double Flared Amazonite Plugs (Pair) - PB30

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We want your stretched ears to look good.  Look Great in these tear drop plugs.  Each one is uniquely hand carved with love and joy.  You will see the love when you get your hands on these beauties.  These amazonite tear drops are available from 5mm - 25mm.

Diameters and sizes available...

  • 5mm(4g):     width:5mm - length:7mm
  • 6mm(2g):   width:6mm - length:8mm
  • 8mm(0g):    width:7mm - length:10mm
  • 10mm(00g):   width:8mm - length:12mm
  • 12 mm(15/32 inch):  width:10mm - length:15mm
  • 14mm(9/16 inch):   width:12mm - length:16mm
  • 16mm(5/8 inch):  width:13mm - length:18mm
  • 19mm(3/4 inch):   width:16mm - length:21mm
  • 22mm(7/8 inch):   width:19mm - length:25mm
  • 25mm(1 inch):  width:21mm - length:29mm

Product Details:

Material: Amazonite
Color: Light Green and Blue
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Teardrop


For more information:

How to get Teardrop Plugs, Coffins, and Saddles into your Stretched Ears.

All our lovely plugs are shipped from Orlando, Florida.

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Very cute and goes well with my complexion