Teardrop Plugs

Teardrop Plugs for your stretched ears

Our Teardrop plugs are a unique and aesthetically pleasing variant of traditional ear plugs for your stretched ears.  This teardrop shape has gained popularity among or customers seeking a elegant options for their looks These plugs and tunnels, crafted with precision and creativity, offer wearers a stylish way to showcase their stretched ears while embracing individuality.

The defining feature of teardrop plugs is their shape, mimicking the graceful silhouette of a tear falling gently. This design adds a touch of sophistication to stretched earlobes, breaking away from the conventional round plugs commonly associated with stretched ears. The tapering point of the teardrop creates a visually striking effect, drawing attention to the stretched ears and framing it in an artful manner.

What Materials are in stock with Teardrop Plugs

Two Feather Plugs sell teardrop plugs and tunnels in a variety of materials.  Some of the more popular materials are stainless steel, glass, stone, and wood.  Stainless steel is one of the safest jewelry you can stretch with.  And we make some gorgeous stainless steel teardrop plugs.  Another safe material is our glass teardrop plugs.  

"Your Wood Teardrop Plugs are Gorgeous"

We hear this comment so often.  Our community loves our hand-carved wood plugs and tunnels.  And our teardrop plugs are one of the most popular.  Our most popular wood teardrop plug is a tunnel carved from areng wood.  Here is a link to this Wooden teardrop tunnels. We have other wood materials that we carve into teardrop plugs. Some are lighter and some are darker.

Are teardrop plugs hard to put in?

Teardrop plugs and tunnels are typically the first shape other than round that our customers purchase.  Keep in mind this is a new shape for your stretched ears and you will need some time for your ears to get used to the teardrop shape.  You should not feel any pain or irritation when putting the teardrop plug in your ears.  Start off slow until your ears are used to the new shape.  Typically these teardrop shaped plugs are easy to get in. Sometimes people have issues at the smaller gauges (such as 2G, 6 mm). Ears tend to not have enough elasticity at the smaller sizes. 2 gauge is typically the size that we choose making the teardrop shape plugs. This is when we find the elasticity is stretchy enough in our customers stretched ear. Everyone is different though. Click here for more information on How to get teardrop plugs in your ear 

Teardrop plugs are by far one of the most fun jewelry designs for your stretched ears.  If this is your first order or you have any questions about how to wear your teardrop plugs please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com