Organic Material

Two Feather Connection only uses organic material.  We focus on wood, horn, and bone as our main materials.  Traditionally South Eastern Asia has been making this type of stretched earrings for years.  This passed down family tradition is what allows us to sell such gorgeous pieces of work.  Buying organic material ensures that love and passion are put into each one of these hand carved work of art.  You are not getting some manufactured piece of crap that a machine made.

Organic Horn earrings in the middle of their carving process

Using organic material means you know what you are getting.  We only use natural oils to help preserve our material.  So you will not have to worry about what chemicals are being put in your ears.

Warning:  Organic material should NOT be used if you just started stretching your ears.  Organic material is porous.  What does this mean?  A porous material will absorb bacteria.  If an ear is freshly stretched and not fully healed you are putting bacteria into a wound.  Wait for your ear to heal.  Then put these stylish stretchers in your ears.  People have also been known to have allergic reactions to certain materials.  This is not limited to organic material, but we cannot ensure that everyone is not allergic to our stuff.  You need to figure this one out.



Wood:  The main wood we use is known as sono and sawo wood.  Sono is a darker wood.  It is known as the east indian rosewood.  Sawo is a lighter fresher wood that turns a little darker the older it gets.  Although it is not known too much in the Americas it is readily available in Southeast Asia.  It is the most durable wood that can also be considered more economical and environmentally friendly than the over forested more popular woods. 

Horn and Bone:  The horn and bone we use comes from the domestic asian water buffalo.  In Indonesia the water buffalo is used in the daily work life.  They help work the farms and rice fields and provide milk for the community.  They are an extremely important of the Indonesian culture.  After the water buffalo dies the animal is respected by using every part of the cow.  It is used for meat, leather, and the bone and horn for jewelry.

Here you have the horn and wood in it's raw form.

raw horn

raw wood for plugs


We recommend applying an oil to your organic stretch earrings once or twice a month.  You can use a coconut oil or a jojoba oil.  Over time horn, bone, and wood all will eventually become weaker, splinter, or break.  Applying this oil will add to the lifespan of your organic earrings.  

These earrings are made to be worn and shown off.  However, we do not recommend wearing these earrings while you sleep, shower, swim, or get into any drunken debauchery.  Do not drop these onto hard surfaces from a a great distance (I know this is obvious, but wanted to make sure you knew :).  Do not keep our earrings submerged in water or in direct sunlight.

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