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stretched ear gauges

Are you New to Ear Stretching?

We want to make sure you stretch your ears safely. If you are new to stretching your ears make sure you follow some of our guidelines to keep your stretched ears healthy and looking good.

Below we have added some topics that will help you in your ear stretching journey...

Double Flare Plugs versus Single Flare Plugs

How to get Teardrop, Coffin, and Saddle Plugs into your Stretched Ears.

How to Clean Plugs and Tunnels

Ear Tunnels

Ear Tunnels

Ear Tunnels are the most popular type of plugs that we sell for your stretched ears. We sell quite a lot of different materials of tunnels from stone tunnels, stainless steel tunnels, and wood tunnels.

Click here for some of our most popular ear tunnels...

Amethyst Tunnels

Black Stainless Steel Tunnels

Opalite Tunnels