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12mm - (15/32")

We have several 12mm gauges available for you to choose from.  We recommend always knowing your gauge size in millimeters.  Most plugs or gauges are carved or made using millimeters.  The manufacturer of the gauges than converts the plugs from mm to either gauge or inches.

Typically the size of your plugs does not matter until after you stretch your ears past 00 gauge or 10mm.  Once you hit half an inch you might hit a problem on what gauge size to order.  Do I order 12mm gauges or 13mm gauges?  The problem is every website has answered this question in a different way.  So if you get a "1/2 inch" plug from one website it does not match the "1/2 inch" size of another.  Every website has its own definition.  Some state 12mm as 1/2" and some state 13mm as 1/2". 


Here is the true conversion for 12mm gauges.

  • 12.0mm = 0.472 inches 
  • 12.7mm = 0.5 inches = 1/2"
  • 13mm = 0.51 inches = 33/64" (FYI: 1/2" = 32/64")

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