19mm - (3/4") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

3/4 Inch Plugs, Tunnels, and Ear Weights

Our 3/4 inch Plugs present a balance of substantial size and nuanced detailing. At 3/4 inch our plugs, tunnels, and ear weights strike a perfect chord between making a bold statement and ensuring comfort for prolonged wear.  These plugs are more than adornments; they're a meticulous blend of form and functionality, tailored for those seeking a distinctive touch to their stretched ear ensemble.

Diverse 3/4 Inch Collection

Two Feather Plugs has a diverse number of materials and designs in 3/4 Inch.  We offer several materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass, and stone.  Our designs range from double flare plugs, hangers, tunnels, ear weights, and danglers.  There is a giant selection at this size.


Measure your 3/4 inch Plugs in millimeters.

We measure all of our plugs here at Two Feather in millimeters.  We convert our plugs form 19mm to 3/4 inch.  All of our plugs are carved in millimeters and then converted.  So it is best to know your size of your plugs in millimeters.  When measuring double flare plugs make sure you measure the inside of the plug and not the outside flare.  The inside should be 19mm or 3/4 inch.

Why buy 3/4 inch plugs from Two Feather?

At 19mm there are two things that important, Comfort and the Wow factor.  Comfort is paramount in the design philosophy of Two Feather Plugs. The 3/4 inch Plugs are crafted to provide a secure and snug fit, ensuring that your stretched ears not only look captivating but also feel at ease. The smooth surfaces and carefully contoured designs prioritize comfort without compromising on style.  No matter what material you choose you will feel comfortable in this size plug.

One of our more popular designs is our Tim Burton Spirals.  Each one is hand-carved from wood and as our customer reviews show are lightweight and comfortable.  These spirals at such a large size are such a unique look, you will quickly understand why these are one of our best sellers.

If you have any questions about our 3/4 inch plugs feel free to email us at twofeatherinfor@gmail.com