8mm - (0 Gauge) Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

0 Gauge Plugs

We have made the following designs in 0 Gauge plugs

Select from our 0 gauge plugs in several materials.  Choose from Stainless Steel Plugs, Wood Plugs, Ear Weights, Stone Plugs, Glass Tunnels and more. We have the right materials for any occasion.

How big are 0 gauge plugs?

0 gauge plugs are 8mm.  We always measure our plugs and tunnels in millimeters.  We suggest always that you always know your size of your stretched ears in millimeters.  Almost all stores online or in-store agree that plugs and tunnels that are 8mm are equal to 0G.  If you do not know the size of your stretched ears the best approach is to get a pair of calipers and measure a pair of your current plugs or tunnels in millimeters.  If the caliper reads 8mm your have 0 gauges. Click here for my information on Gauge Sizing

0G is our second most popular size.

We sell a lot of 0G designs.  We often sell out of our 0G wood designs.  We hand carve all our 0 gauge wood designs.  So you can imagine how long it takes to carve these plugs and tunnels.  If you see a pair of wood plugs or tunnels in 0 ear gauges we suggest you purchase them before they sell out.  We have had a lot of trouble keeping up with the demand of the 0 and 00 sizes over the years. We also have a high demand in 0G stone tunnels.

Is 00 bigger than 0 gauges?

00G plugs are larger than 0 gauge plugs.  When you are measuring in gauges the higher the number the smaller of the sizes.  Typically in the world of measuring plugs 20G is the smallest followed by 18G, 16G, 14G, and so on. So from smallest to largest it goes 2G, 0G, and then 00G.  In the world of ear gauges 00G is the largest gauge size.  After that measurement switch to millimeter or inches.  We always recommend customers measure everything in millimeters so you do not have to worry about this, but the stretched ear community loves to talk in gauges. The smallest of Two Feather's ear gauges is a 14G.  It is such a small size we only make them in our stretching kit.

Will my ear heal back if I only stretch to 0G?

Most stretched ears will heal back to normal if you only stretched to 0G.  We see a lot of our customers who stretched their ear to 0G.  Many want to have the option to be able to heal their ear and allow them to return to regular pierced sizing.  Although everyone is different we find most people are able to return back to "normal" if you stretched between 2 and 00 gauge.  So if you stretched to 0 gauge you typically are on the safe side to return to normal pierced holes.

What do you suggest for 0 gauge?

In my opinion the best looking plugs in 0 gauge are a nice solid plug or tunnels.  These are great for any occasion. Whether it is wood, stainless steel or stone it is a great look at this size.  Most people at 0 gauge are making the switch between single flare to double flare plugs.  This can be a tough switch so go with what makes you comfortable.  Tunnels are also a great look at this gauge size.

How do I stretch from 2 Gauge up to 0 gauge?

There is a big jump that happens for everyone between 2 gauge plugs p and 0 gauge.  For some reason this is a thing in the stretched ear community.  This is a big gauge jump and really not a necessary jump. We have made single flare plugs in 1 gauge (7mm) for this reason.  We make this 7mm plug in glass or stone. So stretch from 2 gauges to 1 gauges and then 1 gauges to 0 gauges.  It is much safer on your ear and your ear will thank you in the long run.  There is really no good reason to go directly from a 2 gauge up to 0 gauge other than its popular. 

How do I get my 0 gauge double flare plugs in my ear?

Out of all our ear gauges 0 gauge is the size where most people start to switch to double flare plugs or tunnels.  A lot of customers have trouble getting double flare plugs or tunnels into their ears at this size.  Just know you are not alone.  There are typically a 2mm flare on most of our plugs or tunnels that your ear are not used to.  We have gone over in detail how to get double flare plugs or tunnels into your ears on the following blog... Why Can't I Insert My Double Flare Plugs?

If you have any questions about our 0 gauge plugs or tunnels please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com