Ear Spirals

Ear Spirals for your stretched ears. 

Ear Spirals are one of our most popular designs for our stretched ear customers. We have several different styles and several different materials to choose from. We have serveral different gauges to choose from. From the smaller 10 gauges all the way up to 1 inch. All are at affordable prices. Our most popular are our hand carved spiral shape

Hand Carved Organic Spiral Gauges

We use several organic materials to hand carve our spiral gauges. Each one will give you a different unique look and style.

Wood Ear Spirals

Wood is one of our most popular sellers. We offer several different styles. Some with a darker grain and some with a lighter grain. Each one is carved and sanded down for a smooth and comfortable fit. The wood is light weight allowing them to not wiegh your ears down like ear weights. They are available in gauge sizes as small as 8 gauge all the way up to 25mm. 

Bone and Horn Spiral Gauges

Two Feather Plugs also hand carves spiral gauges out of bone and horn. The bone and horn come are from the Asian Water Buffalo. After the water buffalo dies the bone and horn are harvested and all material is used. Due to the thickness of the bone and horn the gauge size can only be made up to 00 gauge. However, bone and horn are more durable so we can carve thes spirals into smaller gauges.

Glass and Steel Spirals

.If you choose to wear glass or steel we make these jewelry designs too. Both are a brilliant look. Glass gives a vibrant array of colors, but is a tricky material to work with. We typically make gauges from 2 gauge up to 16mm. Our steel is also on the smaller sizes. We typically make these spirals around 0 gauge because if you go heavier they border into ear weights and weight down your ears.

Make sure you shop all our spirals for all your ear stretching needs. You can use our filter to shop and match all your preferences. You can see all th jewelry we have for sale or filter to see our best sellers, new plugs, old plugs, or shop alphabetically. You will find the style your need no matter how big you plan to stretch.