What size are your stretched ears? and How long did it take you to get to your size?

We want to hear how long it took you to get to the size you wanted.  We always give the advice of taking your time and taking it slow, but please let us how long it took you.
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As a man in my fifties I finally got my ears pierced last year. Regular earrings for 1 year after healed. 18g clicker hoops 2 months. Currently 16g titanium clicker hoops (12mm diameter) about 7 weeks. They are not quite ready for 14g just yet. I’ve decided to relax about the whole need to move to next size and will just sit at 16g for 6 months or so. I sleep with them in. Take them out to shower. Sleep on one of those neck pillows (memory foam) which I prefer to a regular pillow anyhow.


In my left ear I have an 11mm (7/16) and in my right I have a 10mm (00g). I’m started taping at 8g when I was having trouble getting in the 6g. I also got 7g and 1g for the harder stretches. I also got a 9mm in between 8mm and 10mm. It took me a little over a year to get here. I also am stretching my back holes and those are both at an 8g. I’m trying to have my back ones at 4g (5mm) and the front at 9/16 (14mm). So I’m almost at my goals!


I’m at 38mm. I started stretching when I was around 15/16 and I’m currently 23. I would constantly change goal size just to see how big I could really push it and that’s how I got to 38mm


I went from an old, very well established standard piercing to 11mm in a year. I dead stretched in 0.5mm increments and my ears look really good.

They are resting here for now, but I’d love to go bigger. 7/8" maybe.


I am currently at a 2g, it took me almost a year to get here and it has been 7months since I stretched to a 2g (still not ready to stretch to a 1g)


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