Is Stretching Your Ears Addictive?

Is Stretching Your Ears Addictive?

We've all either been there or know someone who has...  We say we're going to stretch our ears to a certain size and then we just keep going.  I would love to hear your opinion on why you think we can't stop stretching.  Please share your story below.

I personally started off saying I would only stretch my ears a little.  Then a couple months passed and I thought it just didn't look big enough.  I decided I should stretch them to just a 2 gauge. This size lasted a while before I got bored.   I decided no matter what I would stop at 00 gauge.  Guess what, I couldn't stop.  My question is, why can't I stop?

I know how far we go will vary per person, but could it be that stretching our ears is actually an addictive process?  Please let us know your story and your thoughts by commenting below.


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I planned to stop at 00g, I just stretched to 5/8" so yeah lol


Inthink it’s either thebrush of doing it or people that are really into aesthetic (not saying shallow) like myself I’ve always admired huge ones but when I got my kit to go to an inch a few months ago I was like these are HUGE but now that’s I went from a 2 g to 16mm in two months I keep finding new ways to make stretching easier and not pai ful and not hard on my body and it looks cooler and cooler cause I love the look that I just can’t wait to size up next

SERIOUS HINT GET OURE JOJOBA OIL AND DR NUMB OFF AMAZON COSTED ME 20 BUCKS AND IT WAS THE BEST HEALTHIEST AWESOME IDEA FOR MY LOBEZ EVERRRRRRR. THEY SLIO RIGHT IN. NO PAIN. I will stand by this untim the day I dye jojoba oil is so cmgood and helpful for scarring and tissue repair and the Dr numb just makes it less scary to do that do Al push of getting them in yourself

But yeah. For me ivhated doing it I tried for years because they’d always be soreband this cured that. I gave up so many times and this time I wasn’t a dumb teenager and did the research and have LOVED the process
Idont understand the whole liking the pain thing. It would give me literal migraines and I’d throw up from how much it hurt.
This cured everything. And it’s defs addictive because I love the auesthetic



Yup, the process seems to result in elevated neurotransmitter levels, because in the end that’s what causes an addiction. I wanted to get to 00 but am now at ⁹/¹⁶ and plan to hit ¾ eventually. It’s satisfying to get to that next size.


Hi everyone! I am currently at a 4g, will be stretching to a 3g in about a month’s time. I think people become “addicted” to stretching because it becomes a bit exciting to get new jewelry and see your ears get bigger and bigger. It’s a fun process, and hey as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, stretch your lobes as big as your heart desires!!!:)




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