Top Comments People Make about Stretched Ears

Top Comments People Make about Stretched Ears

We are currently in the middle of collecting your best stories and questions of what strangers say to you about your stretched ears.  So if you have a good story please leave a comment on our page below.

Here are the more popular questions/ comments that everyone seems to get asked...

  1. Does stretching your ears hurt?
  2. How will you ever get a job with stretched ears?
  3. Are you in a band?
  4. Can I stick my finger through your ear?
  5. I wish I could stretch my ears.
  6. Do you think you will regret stretching your ears?
  7. What do your parents think of your stretched ears?


Please share your story by commenting here.

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I was working at McDonald’s drive through when I was a teenager. I had this customer come through who looked like the type of guy who is 40 and living in his mother’s basement. At the window, He asked me why I did that to my ears, I gave my reasons politely and he said “you look like a f**king Zulu” and sped up to the next window. Whether or not I should have spit in his food is something I think about everytime this topic comes up.


I’m usually around little kids, because I volunteer and when they see my ears, they ask “did that hurt?” “Can I see your hole?” Or “how do you put them in??”


drunk strangers like to put there finger threw my tunnles(they are 25mm/one inch)…my neice likes to take my gages out and put them back in…shes done it since she was about 2..she definitely gotten better at it over the


“Can I stick my finger in your ear?” has always cracked me up. Or “Can I see how big the hole is?” But my favorite question that I get asked all the time is, “Did it hurt?”

Kaila Rahr

I’m a 00g and at my place of employment (a very busy casual dining full-service restaurant), they’re very accepting of stretched ears. One of my managers even has 1/2 inch ears. As I am taking a customer’s order, he looks intently at my ears and asks, very seriously, “They let you have those? Those holes in your ears?”

After pausing briefly and processing the utter silliness of what I just heard, I said, “Well… yes, I’m here, aren’t I?”

Hard to control the eye-roll on that one.


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