14mm - (9/16") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

14mm Plugs and Tunnels

Two Feather Plugs sells a large selection of 14mm plugs and tunnels.  We have a lot of materials in stock.  Wood, Stainless Steel, Glass, and stone. At 14 mm we sell a lot of different designs.  From tunnels, teardrops, double flare, and single flare.  This is the next step after our customers stretch to 1/2 inch.

What gauge size is 14mm in inches?

We tell our customers to know their plug size in millimeters.  This will avoid confusion when the plugs are converted from millimeters to inches.  Two Feather Plugs measures all our plugs and tunnels in millimeters.  This is pretty typical with most manufacturers of plugs.  They make the plugs in millimeters and convert them to inches.  For 14mm here is the conversion to inches

14mm = 0.55 inches 9/16 inches =  0.56 inches So 14mm = 9/16 inches

What plugs are available in 9/16 inch?

We have most all our designs available in 14mm.  It really is a popular gauge size.  It is a great size to start wearing teardrop plugs as the shape really stands out.  We do sell other shapes in this size, but remember to only wear shaped plugs for a short period of time.  We sell plenty of hangers that are perfect at 14mm gauge.  If you want my personal favorite I love our wood vampire bat plugs.  They are so beautifully carved and the bat shows up excellent at this millimeter. There are several materials to choose from at this size. I also love our glass twisters

 How big can you stretch your ears before its irreversible?

A Typical answer to this question is you can stretch your ears up to around 2 gauge to 00 gauge before your ears won't close back down to a "normal" piercing. If you are at a 14mm gauge it will be a little more difficult to have your ears close back to that size. Please keep in mind everyone is different so many people can close even at 14mm plugs. Typically, people who stretch to 14mm plugs are using this a stepping stretch to get to a larger size of either 19mm or 25mm.

Can I wear ear weights at 14mm?

Almost all our weights are for gauges 0 gauge and up. So 14mm is a good size for your stretched ears to wear ear weights. These weights will dangle from the bottom and hang from your lobe. Most of our ear weights are made from metal like stainless steel or a similar style of materials. We have several style in stock in metal ear weights.

If you have any questions about our 14mm plugs please feel free to email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com. We have plenty of 14mm in stock. If we are showing out of stock in any designs you can click on "email me when back in stock". We are always carving more plugs and trying our best to keep them in stock.