Live to Give

One of our main goals in our business is to help others with their dreams and goals.  We are a small company, but our hopes are to bring forth some big changes.  We want to encourage others to find different ways to give back to this world.  The best way we can encourage this is by leading by example.  

  • Artists - Koming and his family are the true artists of these stretch earrings.  Our goal is to help them sell their beautiful work.  They continue to do what they love and can make a living creating their art.
  • Customers - Keep our prices low and our customers happy. This is our goal.  We try to make the balance of giving between our artists and our customers equal.  In our mind, the customer needs to be completely satisfied with our works of art.  We are proud of our 5-star reviews.  If you ever have an issue contact us.  Your happiness is our goal.
  • Organizations and Charities - This is our big goal.  There are too many companies whose goals are to continue to make money to make more income for themselves.  Our goal is to make money to give more to our charities and organizations.  We want you to know that each time you purchase a pair of our stretch earrings a portion of your sale will be donated to both local and international charities.

We hope others follow in our example and create "LIVE TO GIVE" Companies and make donations a much higher part of their company plans.


Rising Lotus Children's Village - Located in Nepal this orphanage took a heavy toll during the earthquakes. 

Ninos Del Sol - We are in love with this retreat and children's home located in Urabamba, Peru.  Click here for more information Ninos Del Sol

Lovey Loaves - Orlando Special Needs Dog Rescue