Do you ever feel judged for having stretched ear?

I used to feel this but eventually got over it.  No need to hear my story we want to hear yours.

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Usually by old white ladies. They’re always the first to ask why I’d do something so “stupid” and make comments about “you’re gonna hate them when you’re older”. Most other people will ask questions (usually “what do your ears look like when there’s no jewelry in?” or “is that as big as you’re gonna go?”) and want to learn before judging, in my experience.


Yes and no. People can judge all they want, I’m still keeping my ears stretched from now on. In one if the other questions, I stated that I had taken out my 00g to look for work. I felt so weird and naked without them in, and I felt like a piece of me faded. I know it sounds silly, but that was the first thing I ever did to become the person I wanted to be when I was younger. I felt as though I let 13 year old me down somehow. Like I gave a piece of me away for money. It really sucked lol. Now I’m working with my mom and sister and they embrace my kick-ass ears! I started stretching again about 3 years ago and ended up at 4g, considering going up to 00g though :)

Kristen P.

Mine aren’t real big. Size 2. But I love the big hangers. I do every now and then, but for the most part people don’t bat an eye. As long as you rock them and have that confidence no one will care and neither should you.


When I first started I was very self-conscious. I do not think it was because of my stretched ears, but rather I was just very shy and not sure who I was. The plugs helped me get me out of my shell. I had people staring at me and asking me about them. Ultimately, it made me more social. So people may or may not be judging me, but people probably judge others just because that’s what people do. I just know how it helped me.


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