Ear Weights

What are Ear Weights?

Ear weights have more weight than a normal round plug.  You will see the ear weights dangle from the bottom of your ear and stretch the bottom lobe.  Ear weights over time will stretch the bottom of the ear.  Typically this is an uneven stretch.

What materials are Ear Weights available in?

We stock our ear weights in a variety of materials.  Some of the materials we have in stock are stone, glass, and stainless steel.  We do have a large selection of stainless steel hooks that fit in your ear and something heavy will be attached to weigh it down.

Do not use Ear Weights for along time period

Due to the nature on how ear weights stretch the bottom of your lobe we typically do not recommend them being worn for a long period of time.  They are a nice look for the night out on the town or special occasions, but we recommend returning back to a regular round plug to maintain the shape and gauge size of your stretched ears.  After a few hours of use we recommend going back to a round plug.

We have seen customers who wear ear weights for an extended period of time have their ears actually shrink on the non stretched part of the stretched ear causing an overall reduction of overall gauge size.

What size Ear Weights should I get?

Ear weights come in a variety styles and material, but which pair of ear weights it right for you?  It really depends on the look you are after.  Two Feather Plugs sell designs from an Egyptian style to the darker look of the pentagram.  We also sell nice crystals and stones that dangle from a hook. We have the style that fits your needs :)

Is it OK to sleep in ear weights?

We do not recommend sleeping in ear weights.  It is better overall to switch out your weights with regular plugs or tunnels to sleep in.  The ear weights can cause a lot of issues while you are in your slumber land.

What size can you start wearing ear weights?

We typically recommending not wearing ear weights until you get to a larger size.  In fact we do not even make our ear weights in sizes smaller than 0 gauge or 2 gauge.

What is the difference between ear hangers and ear weights?

The main difference between ear hangers and ear weights is the actual weight.  Ear hangers are typically lighter and do not add a lot of stretch to the bottom of your stretched ears.  Two Feather Plug typically make our ear hangers out of a light weight wood and we make them in the size that will fit your ears.  Ear weights will have more weight and typically dangle from a stainless steel hook.

Are weights good for stretching ears?

Ear weights WILL stretch your ears.  However, we do not recommend using this method to stretch your ears.  The main reason is the ear weights sit on the bottom of your lobe and will cause an uneven stretch.  This can cause issues in the future.  Two Feather always recommends going to a professional piercer to stretch your ears.  Our recommended way to stretch your ears is to use one of our stainless steel stretching kits.  For more information on ear weights please read our blog by clicking... What are Ear Weights?

Please feel free to ask us any questions about ear weights by sending us an email at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com