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Bone Plug, Tunnels, and Ear Hangers

We use asian water buffalo bone to carve some beautiful work for your stretched ears. A lot of work is carved into ear hangers.  We also make a few plugs and tunnels.  Bone is such a sleek look for your ears.  They are perfect for wedding ceremonies.

Carving ear Hangers with Bone 

The bone we use to carve our gauged plugs is from the asian water buffalo.  These water buffalo are used to work in the fields and when they die all the part are harvested and used.  We use both the horn and bone to carve with.  Bone by nature has a certain thickness to it.  It also has a natural curve.  Due to this nature we can only carve our ear hangers up to 0 - 00 gauge.   We cannot make them larger.

Are the Bone Hanger Heavy?

The bone hangers that we carve are not heavy at all.  The hangers are light weight and carved to fit snuggly in your ears.  We start carving at 8 gauge and made to fit in your gauged ear.  These smaller sizes will not add weight to your holes in your ears.

Bone Ear Hangers are perfect for your wedding.

One of our most popular events we sell our plugs and hangers are weddings.  Our bone hangers look perfect for your wedding occasion.  These will look great with your wedding dress.

Can you carve bone into plugs?

Bone is hallow so if you imagine carving a bone it is much easier to carve a ear hanger than a bone.  Bone is only so thick.  We can carve very small gauged plugs, but they have not sold well in the past so we no longer make it.  Instead what we do is carve the bone and combine it with wood.  You can see this work in such plugs and tunnels like our Ghost and Cross bone tunnels.

Does you Bone turn yellow?

Bone is a porous material.  It absorbs oils from your skin and ears.  So as the bone ages you may see a gold or yellow hint to your bone.


Why Buy Bone Ear Hangers from Two Feather Plugs?

These bone ear hangers are some of the most unique collection you will ever find from Two Feather Plugs.  It will be difficult to find designs like we create.  If you have any questions about any of our plugs, tunnels, or hangers email us at