Wood - Crocodile | Plugs | Tunnels

Light Wood Gauged Plugs

Two Feather Plugs is the leader of carving wood art for your stretched ears.  Our Crocodile wood is no exception.  This lighter wood is a soft look for your ears with hint of natural style.  These organic plugs, tunnels, and ear hangers are carved into several unique designs.

Light Weight Wood Plugs and Tunnels

Crocodile wood is a light weight wood that is carved to fit comfortably into your ears.  Our plugs and tunnels are typically carved from 2 gauge all the way up to 30mm.  All our plugs and tunnels are carved using millimeters so please know your gauge size in millimeters.

Wood Ear Hangers

If you want a unique style to your stretched ear, ear hangers from Two Feather Plugs is your answer.  The hangers are carved to fit snug into your ear.  There are so many styles to choose from.  From our wood spirals and hoops to our wood snake and dragons, we have your style.  These hangers typically are carved as low as 8 gauge and as high as 1 inch.  We tend not to carve them larger due to the weight of the wood.  The larger sizes are a show stopper.  People will stop and ask you about your ear hangers.

Why buy Crocodile Wood Plugs from Two Feather Plugs?

The number one answer is that our plugs are amazing.  These plugs, tunnels, and hangers are like nothing you have seen before.  Our designs are original and unique and our customers keep coming back for more.  If you have any questions about our wood designs fee free to contact us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com