Stone Plugs

Stone Plugs and tunnel for your Stretched Ears

Two Feather Plugs sell a variety of stone plugs that will look gorgeous in your stretched ears.  We sell a variety of stone plugs in a wide range of sizes to fit your preferences.  Some of the stone plugs we have in stock are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Black Obsidian, Agate, Tiger's Eye, Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Howlite, and more.   We also have a lot of different sizes in stock. Anything from 4 mm all the way up to 40 mm.

Size and Shapes of stone plugs and tunnels.

We sell our stone plugs and tunnels in sizes as low as 6 gauge all the way up to 40 mm.  We have the size you are looking for.  There are many shapes to choose from.  We sell stone teardrop plugs, flower shaped, and coffin shaped stone plugs.

We also offer our stone plugs and tunnels in either single or double flare cuts.  Typically our stone plugs are sold in single flare up to 16 mm. These are the easiest style of stone plugs to get into your ears. Double flare plugs are available from 2 gauge up to our largest size of 40 mm. We typically recommend holding off on the double flare plugs or tunnels until around 00 gauge. Customers tend to not have enough elasticity in their smaller gauged ears to get the double flare plugs into their ears. It is still possible to get the double flare in the smaller gauged ears though. For more information on how to get double flare plugs into your ears click Why Can't I get double flare plugs into my ears?

No doubt our customer love our Amethyst plugs, but if I had to pick a favorite I would choose Moss Agate.  I love this natural look of a green moss like material mixed into the clear stone.  It is really a creepy look. This is just based on my preferences though.


How heavy are your Stone Plugs?

Our stone plugs have a little bit of weight to them, but most customers cannot believe how light the stone plugs are.  They are not light like silicon, but they are not as heavy as ear weights that hang from the bottom of your lobe.  I would say stone plugs are in the middle of these two leaning more toward the lighter side.  Of course the weight of each stone plug will vary according to the stone.  Some stone is just naturally lighter than other stone.

Natural properties of stone plugs and tunnels.

We use natural stone to carve into our plugs.  They are not only beautiful, but natural stone is said to have natural healing properties which can add to your everyday life.  For example Amethyst has a natural property that reduces stress.  Our Tiger's Eye is said to raising courage.  I am a firm believer of these properties, but I also undertand if you do not believe in this.  If you want to read more about our stone plug natural properties please click on Healing Stone Plugs

Do stone gauges smell?

Listen we know the answer to this question. You need to keep clean not to smell. So no matter what gauge the hole of your ears are you need to keep them clean from dirt and bacteria. The less dirt and bacteria in your holes the less dirt and bacteria on your plug. This is the simple answer. For those that tend to stay dirty stone gauges are one of the least porous materials that we sell. Compared to organic wood that likes to hold dirt and bacteria stone gauges keep a lot of the dirt on the surface and can be cleaned easier. Most stones can be washed off with soap and water, but you can also reduce the bacteria if you use a natural oil like Jojoba oil. Again, if you want to not smell use soap and water. Same goes with your stone gauges. We typically only recommend wearing stainless steel when you first stretch you ear. It is the least likely plug to harbor bacteria.

Are Stone Plugs Heavy?

Quick answer stone is heavier than stainless steel and wood. To get more detailed though customers have been wearing stone plugs for years with no issues, complaints, and actually a lot of joy and happiness. Some stone is heavier than others and obviously the larger gauge stones are heavier than the smaller gauge stones. Majority of our customers will not see an additional stretch of their ears due to weight of the stone plugs ate the smaller stone gauge sizes. Some will see a little stretch at the larger size stone gauges. It also will depends on how long, what size, and what material stone you are wearing. We do sell 40 mm and 50 mm stone plugs and customers are happy with the weight. If you are worried about the weight of the stone plugs you can always purchase some of the stone tunnels we have in stock. The tunnels are half the weight.

What are the most popular stone plugs in stock?

Two Feather Plugs have a lot of stone plugs that they always have in stock. It may be hard to decide which pair of stone plugs to choose out of our entire collection. We have listed some of our most popular plugs below so maybe this will help you decide...

  • Amethyst - By far the most popular pair of stone plugs are our Amethyst Plugs. The nautral purple color in this quartz stone is just beutiful. We choose some the highest quality that is still at an affordable price.
  • Black Obsidian - This is extremely popular. Anything we sell that is black is popular amongst our customers. Black obsidian stone is such a stunning stone. The unique volcanic glass gives a nice black shine to your stretched ears.
  • Green Aventurine - Aventurine is a type of quartz. This stone shimmers in your ears. Green Aventurine natural crystal qualities is the bringer of good fortune.
  • Opalite - One of the top styles we sell is a man made glass that resembles the stone opal. We have many discussions about our opalite not being natural, but oplalite is not natural. Opal is the natural stone, unlike opalite which is man made

    Can I sleep in Stone Plugs?

     Stone plugs are typically smooth and have a bit more weight than a stainless steel plug. Some people can sleep with some stone plugs, but typically we do not recommend them simply because they tent to pop out while you sleep. We always think stainless steel is the best to sleep in, but a lot of people like to sleep in silicon plugs.