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Ear Saddles

Ear Saddles

Ear Saddles are a great look for your stretched ears.  We offer a lot of different designs in our ear saddles.  From the Kali Saddles to our always popular bat saddles.  You will love this look for your stretched ears.

Our Ear Saddles are measured to fit your gauged ears.  So if your ears typically fit a 0 gauge round plug we have designed the ear saddles to fit your 0 gauge ear.

Ear saddles will have an opening typically at the top of the plug that makes it appear like a saddle.  The saddle will only fit part of your ear and will leave one part open.  Typically they are worn along the bottom side of your ear and the top side is open.

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What are Ear Saddles?

How to get Teardrop Plugs, Coffins, and Saddles into your Stretched Ears?

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