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Wooden Ear Plugs

Two Feather Plugs has always been the leader in hand carved wooden ear plugs.  It is our favorite piercings to make for your stretched ears.  You will look stunning with our natural designs.  We have been carving our unique wooden plug designs for years and our artists have your looks in mind.

Carving our wooden plugs

We carve our plug out of several types of wood.  Each type of wood will vary slightly in color and shade.  Every pair of Wooden Ear Plugs will have unique patterns and hues intrinsic to different wood types.  From our dark sono wood to our lighter crocodile wood.  We carve the shade you desire.

Wood allows us to carve intricate detail which allows us to provide you with several designs.  From our skull plugs to our unique Halloween designs.  You will l fall in love our wooden ear plugs and our unique artwork.

Carving Wooden Hangers

We also have some very unique wooden hangers for sale. These are a unique type of wood plugs that hang from your ear. There are so many option in this type of wood gauges. We can carve these in intricate detail. You can see this detail in such wood hangers as our pegasus hangers. They are a great look for you to wear.

Should I stretch my ears with wood plugs?

Our go to recommendation when it comes to material for stretching your ears is stainless steel. If you are still in the process of ear stretching we do not recommend putting wood plugs in your ear. You want to wait until they are completely healed before you start wearing wood plugs. We want your ear and body to stay healthy. Wait until you get to your goal size before wearing your wood plugs. Wood is a porous material which will carry bacteria if you do not keep them clean. So bacteria plus an open freshly stretched ear will not be good for a healthy ear.

Use Jojoba Oil with wooden plugs

We want to make sure you take care of your plugs and your stretched ears.  Wood is a porous material which means it has a tendency of collecting bacteria.   Occasionally adding jojoba oil to your wooden plugs will not only keep the bacteria out of your ear it will also keep your wooden plugs from cracking over a long period of time.  With proper care of your wood plugs you will ensure they will last.

We do not recommend showering in wooden ear plugs.

We constantly are reminding customers to keep their ears clean with soap and water, but we do not recommend adding shower to wooden ear plugs.  Remember wood is an organic material so water will cause it to crack overtime.  So, we do not recommend soaking the plugs or showering with time.

What is 00 gauge in mm? 

00 gauge is 10mm. This is a common question amongst people who wear wood plugs. We always tell customers to know their size in mm. Most all plugs are made in millimeters and converted into either gauges or inches. It typically does not become an issue until you get above 00 gauge, but you will see issues typically in the 1/2" gauge. To avoid confusion always purchase your wood ear gauges in millimeters.

What size wood plugs do you carry?

When it comes to wooden gauges most our designs come from 6mm up to 30mm. We do make a few of our more popular designs up to 40mm. We typically stay in the 6mm-30mm range because these are the most popular sizes. We try to carry as many 00 gauge, 16mm, and 1 inch sizes as these are the more popular sizes. However, we hand-carve all our wood plugs so this take a long time to do. A lot of the time we do not keep up with the demand. If you see something on our site you like in 00g we suggest purchasing them. You might not get a second chance, and I really do not want to answer the emails of when will we get more in stock lol.

Do you have more questions about wood plugs?

If you have any questions about our wood ear gauges you can always send us an email. We have been carving these plugs for years so we know both the frustrations and problems when it comes to stretching your ear. Please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com

Fall in love with our wooden designs.

If you have not tried wooden plugs now is your chance.  Join the Two Feather customers that have fallen in love with our wooden ear plug designs and keep coming back to buy more. Please check out all the reviews our customers share. You will love our wooden designs just like our other customers have.  We are constantly carving new designs to keep up with the latest styles in wood ear plug.