Horn Plugs and Hangers

Hand Carved Horn Plugs for your Stretched Ears

Our Horn Plugs are  uniquely crafted and offer a distinctive twist to your stretched ear ensemble, merging ecological consciousness with timeless style.

Carved from the domestic asian water buffalo that are used in daily work life.  After the water buffalo dies the animal is respected by using all parts of the cow.  It is used for meat, leather, bone, and horn.  These horn plugs are to celebrate the life of the water buffalo.

Hand Carved With beauty.

Each of our horn plugs are carved with priecision and love.  You will see the hours of work that we carve in each one of our plugs.  We love carving horn hangers for your stretched ears as you can see in our collection.  The durability in horn allows us to carve twisters that we cannot carve in our wood plugs.  You can see these twists in some of our work like our bat twisters.  We polish off the plugs to make a nice shine to the plugs.

Can you make your horn plugs larger than 1/2 inch?

Unfortunately, no.  It is not because we do not want to, but if you look at the horn of a water buffalo you will understand.  The size and shape of the horn cause a natural curve and thickness.  It is not flat like wood.  So the largest size of our horn plugs we can carve is 1/2 inch or 13mm.

Horn Spirals and Hoops

One of our most popular horn plugs are our horn spirals and horn hoops.  These black spirals are a perfect look for your stretched ears.  Again do to the natural curve of the water buffalo horn we can only make these hoops and spirals up to 1/2"

Are our Horn Plugs Comfortable?

Comfort takes precedence in Two Feather Plugs' Horn collection. These plugs are designed for a secure and snug fit, ensuring that your stretched ears not only look fantastic but also feel comfortable throughout the day. The smooth and polished surface of the horn adds an extra layer of comfort, making them ideal for extended wear.

Join the community of conscious fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the unique charm of Horn Plugs from Two Feather Plugs.