13mm (1/2") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

1/2 inch plugs for ears (13mm)

One of Two Feather Plugs most popular sizes is 1/2 inch.  All of our 1/2 inch ear plugs are made with comfort in style in mind.  We have several materials to choose from.  Stainless steel is one of our more popular materials, but if you are looking for a unique look for your 1/2 inch plugs or tunnels Two Feather Plugs hand carves the best wood, horn, and bone designs you have ever seen. We also sell a lot of glass and stone ear plugs and tunnels at this size.

1/2 Inch Plugs actual size

There is constantly a controversy online with the stretched ear community on what is the actual size of 1/2 inch ear plugs and tunnels.  Before discussing we want to try to convince you that the easiest way to solve your issue is to know your plug size in millimeters.  All ear plugs and tunnels are carved and made in millimeters.  They are then converted to inches.  If you know your ear plug size in millimeters you are all set, if not here's what you are dealing with.

The actual conversion of 1/2 inch to millimeters is 12.7 millimeters.  What happened was most companies rounded up (Two Feather Plugs included) and called 13mm 1/2 inch.  This makes the most sense.  Some companies rounded down and called 12mm 1/2 inch.  And then some actually manufactured 12.7mm and called these 1/2 inch.  So now there are three different size 1/2 inch ear plugs and tunnels on the market.  NO WONDER 1/2 inch plugs or tunnels don't fit right.  This is the only size that gets confusing.  Again, the best way to solve this is to know your size in millimeters.  If your ears are used to wearing 12mm buy 12mm.  If they are used to 13mm buy 13mm.

What is a half inch in gauges?

Half inch is actually too big to use the gauge measurement. Gauge size only goes up to 00G. After 00G we have to use millimeters or inches to talk about the size of your plugs or tunnels. Again, it is best to know your size in millimeters.

What is the best plug to buy at 1/2 Inch?

Two Feather Plugs offers a ton of designs at 13mm or 1/2 inch.  Our wooden ear plugs | tunnels look really nice at this 1/2 inch size.  The carving can be really intricate and precise at this size so things like skulls, pumpkins, and bats stand out really nice.  Our horn ear hangers are really sweet at this size too.  The carved bat ear hangers are one of our most popular pair of hangers.  And at 1/2 inch you can see why.

Two Feather Plugs sell some amazing glass and stone ear tunnels at 12mm. This size is excellent to show off ear tunnels in your stretched ears. We are constantly putting new items onto our website. Several different styles of glass, wood, stainless steel, and stone tunnels to add to your collection. We try our best to keep these popular pairs in stock for you. If you do not see a design or any sized items in stock be sure to use our "Email me when back in stock" feature so you are notified as soon as your size tunnels or plugs are available again.

What is best Stone Plugs or tunnels at 1/2 Inch?

Our stone plugs and tunnels are extremely popular at 13mm. We sell a large variety of stone plugs and tunnels at this size. Three of our most popular stone materials are Amethyst, Black Obsidian, and Tigers Eye. You can purchase any of these materials in either single flare or double flare plugs or tunnels. If you do not have these in your collection we strongly recommend it for your stretch earrings.

Sparkly Glass Plugs

If you have not seen our sparkly glass collection you need to check them out. We make a faceted cut on the edges of the glass that make the glass sparkle in your ear. One of my favorite pair is the Lucifer's Gem Plugs. The red is sparkly and shine in your ear. You will want a pair of these plugs.

Why buy 1/2 inch gauges from Two Feather Plugs?

If this is your first order with the Two Feather community or you have never purchased from us before we want to ensure you that you will love our artwork for your stretched ears.  We have been selling our plugs and tunnels online for over 10 years now and our designs are constantly growing.  We want to let you know that your style and comfort is the most important part of our job.  So if you have any questions or have issues adding something to your cart please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com

If you would like to keep up to our latest collections of our 1/2 inch plugs | tunnels please sign up to our newsletter. You will see when we add our latest wood, glass, and stone styles.