Pumpkin Plugs Tunnels and Ear Hangers

Pumpkin plugs for your stretched ears

We love carving Halloween wood plugs and tunnels.  Our favorite to make are our good ol jack o lantern plugs.  Every Spooky season we carve a new pumpkin and every year we sell out of our pumpkin plugs.  These have been a fan favorite for over 10 years now.  It is our Autumn tradition.  We also sell several other spooky design such as ghosts, bats, and spiders, but our pumpkins are our favorites.

New Pumpkin Plugs carved every year.

We come up with a new pumpkin to carve every year.  And our customers like to collect them all.  Our Evil pumpkin plugs is always our customer favorite.  We are constantly carving these wood pumpkin plugs trying to keep up with the demand.  Another one of our favorites is our Happy Pumpkin Plugs.  If you see a pair of these pumpkin plugs in stock I would suggest buying the pairs while you still can.

Glass Pumpkin Plugs

Our glass pumpkin plugs came about last Spooky Season.  They were an instant hit with our spooky lovers.  If you do not like wood these are a great alternative for our pumpkin designs.  We also sell other glass spooky designs like Bats and Ghosts.

Pumpkin Ear Hangers

We also carve a hanger style pumpkin that are a big eye catcher.  These are a must have if you LOVE Halloween and have stretched ears.  I have yet to meet a person who does not get exited with these hand carved works of art. When you purchase a pair of these please make sure you share it and send us a review as we know it will be positive.

Stainless Steel Pumpkin Plugs

For over 10 years now we have been telling everyone that stainless steel are the safest material to stretch with.  So eventually we had to come up with some stainless steel pumpkin designs.  You will love these pumpkin plugs. So grab yourself a pair if you see them in stock.

Favorite Spooky Plugs

We try to keep different styles of scary plugs every year. We make a mummy plug, skull plugs, bat plugs and ghost plugs. The pumpkins are by far the favorite of our spooky plugs that we sell. Our bat twisters are another favorite pair. These bat twisters are carved from horn and have been a fan favorite for year. Our typical gauge sizes are from 8 gauge up to 30mm. We are looking to make more sizes for the larger measurements.

Why Purchase from Two Feather Plugs?

We LOVE the spooky season.  This is why we exist.  We want to continue to provide the best spooky and halloween plugs for our spooky Lovers.  Starting in January we start getting ready for the spooky season.  It takes us that long to carve each pair of the these plugs.  We want to make sure our bats, pumpkins, and ghost are a perfect piece of art for your stretched ears. If you have purchased our pumpkin plugs we want to hear it please share a review about our pumpkin plugs.

If there is something wrong with your order or if you are missing items in our order please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com