Single Flare Plugs

Single Flare Plugs for Ear stretching

Single Flare Plugs from Two Feather Plugs are a perfect way to stretch your ears.  They are commonly used while you are first stretching your ears and are used during the smaller gauges stage. Single Flare plugs are easier to get in and out of your stretched ears than double flare plugs.  This ease of our single flare plugs make ear stretching a snap.

Single Flare Plugs with O-rings

Single Flare Plugs from Two Feather Plugs come with a durable o-ring that will help keep your plug snuggly in place.  We strive ourself on the durability of our single flare plugs and o-rings to ensure that you always have a reliable plug in place to keep your ear stretched.

What is the difference between single and double flare plugs?

The main difference of the two is the flare on the plugs. On a single flare gauges you will have one flare on one send of the plug. These are used when you are first in the stretching process. The single flares are easy to get in and out of your ears, and are held in place with a rubber o-ring. Double flare plugs typically have a 2mm flare on both ends of the plug. These flares will be used to keep the plug in your stretch ear. We recommend using a double flare plug when you have been at your current gauge size for a long extended time. Double flares are much easier to get in your ears the larger your stretch. For a full explanation on single and double flare gauges please click Double Flare versus Single Flare Plugs

Safe Single Flare Plug Material 

We use safe material that can be used when you freshly stretch your ear.  The main purpose of these single flare plugs are to easily keep your ears stretched comfortably right after you first stretch your ear.  We use several materials such as stainless steel, glass, and stone to ensure that safest stretch for your ears.  These materials are hypoallergenic prioritizing your skin's well-being.  We've chosen these single flare plugs material to minimize the risk of irritation or discomfort while stretching your ears.  They enter your ears with sleek and smooth comfort. We want you to have the most comfortable experience you can have while stretching your ears.

We do not make our single flare gauges in wood because it is too porous of a material. It is not safe to use wood when you are fist stretching your ears. We recommend using stainless steel when you are freshly stretching.

Single Flare Tunnels in our Stretching Kit

You will find stainless steel tunnels in our stretching kits. These are single flare tunnels that will allow for a smooth stretch and is great look for beginners that have just started stretching their ears. Our stretching kits are sold online and a great way to start stretching your ears. We always recommend going to a professional to help safely stretch your ears, but many of them use kits like we have sold in the past.

Why Buy Single Flare Plugs from Two Feather Plugs?

Is this your first order from Two Feather Plugs? We have the best look while you are stretching your ears.  And you can see this with our single flare plugs.  Typically we have gauge sizes from 4mm up to 16mm. Our sizes do not go higher than 16mm because most customers prefer double flare at this size. Our amethyst single flare pairs are a gorgeous glow for your stretched ears.  Two Feather has a wide selection of single flare plugs such as rose quartz, opalite, and obsidian, and glass.   We have several colors as well as clear glass.