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ArtCycle - Rubber Clutch Purse

ArtCycle - Rubber Clutch Purse

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The Reincarnated Art Mission is the choice to recycle materials and turn them into art.  We at Buddhi Gear like to support anyone who is taking what would be waste, and making gorgeous art out of it.  We were lucky to cross paths with a couple who uses rubber from used tires and turns it into jewelry and accessories.  They call it 'reincarnated' trash.  Please help support their mission, which is also contributing to saving the world's environment.  

Help us support the mission with the purchase of one of these rubber clutch purses.  They come with a removable shoulder strap.  There is a zipper pocket inside for a second compartment.  You will love the look and the feel and you'll be helping recycle the world.

Flower cut-outs are on both sides. 

Interior fabric color options: Red, Hot Pink.

Individually hand made.

Approximate dimensions will vary slightly:

Clutch: 10.5" x 6.5" x 3"

Strap: 45" end to end
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