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Grounded Roots Necklace - Hand Carved Bone Necklace - X001

Grounded Roots Necklace - Hand Carved Bone Necklace - X001

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Keep grounded with this Grounded roots necklace. This necklace is hand carved to represent how deep our roots need to grow. Roots represent our drive down into spiritual growth. The deeper we drive our roots the deeper our drive is to diving deeper into our soul. Keep this necklace close to your heart to help remind you of how you want to stay grounded and true to your spiritual growth and your roots.

The following yoga necklace has the following dimensions...

Length = 2"
Width = .75"
Material = Bone

Complimentary rope cord included, which is adjustable via sliding knots to approximately 23".

Horn and Bone:  The horn and bone we use comes from the domestic asian water buffalo.  In Indonesia the water buffalo is used in daily work life.  They help work the farms and rice fields and provide milk for the community.  They are an extremely important part of Indonesian culture.  After the water buffalo dies the animal is respected by using every part of the cow.  It is used for meat, leather, and the bone and horn for jewelry and art.

*Please note that all pieces are individually carved by human hands. There is typically a slight difference between finished pieces.

Everything that we have listed for purchase is already made and ready to ship.  We do not do custom orders.

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