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00 Gauge Plugs

We have made the following designs in 00G

Two Feather Plugs makes the largest selection of unique ear plugs for the 00 gauges ear. Select from such materials as natural wood, stone, glass, stainless steel plugs, and more. We carry a large selections of designs and shapes in 00G. Some of the popular shapes are teardrops and hearts. We also stock a lot of single flare as well as double flare plugs for your ears.

00 G is our most popular size.

We have a lot of 10mm (00 gauges) designs in stock.  00G is one of the most popular sizes that we sell.  Most people stop at either 0 G or 00 G.  For some reason, people like to stop at the zeroes.  If you see something you like in 00 G (especially in our wood designs) we suggest purchasing them before they sell out.

We think the goal size of 00 gauge is because most people think that the ears will heal themselves at 00 gauge if they decide to let them shrink.  The truth is that the point of no return will vary depending on the person and the elasticity of their ears.  For more information about the point of no return click Stretching your Ears - The Point of No Return

Is 10mm the same as 00 gauges?

What size ear gauge is 00? 00G is equal to 10mm. Almost all stores online or in-store agree that plugs that are 10mm are equal to 00 gauge. 00G is the last of the gauge sizes after 00G sizes are discussed in either millimeters or inches. We always measure our plugs, tunnels, and ear weights in millimeters.  We suggest always know your size of your stretched ears in millimeters.  It can get a little tricky on the conversions of millimeters to inches and stores state their sizes are different (especially at 1/2 inch)

One of the biggest lies

One of the biggest lies we hear form our customers starting off with stretching their ears is that they will not stretch their ear larger than 00G.  We have thousands of customers later laugh about how they failed miserably and continued to stretch their ear past 00 gauge.  It's ok.  We have all been there.  It's ok to stretch your ear past 00G.  In fact WE LOVE IT!  

How do I figure out the size of my stretched ears?

Do you think your ears are 00 gauge?  The best way to figure out the size is to measure the plugs that you currently have.  The most precise way is to use a digital caliper.  You can usually pick one up for about $10 - $20.  If your caliper reads 10mm than you stretched ears are 00 gauge.  Click here for my information on Gauge Sizing

What are the best looking plugs in 00 gauge?

In my opinion the best materials to use in 00 gauge are stone, stainless steel, or glass tunnels.  If you find a nice stone like Amethyst and purchase it in tunnel form.  It is just large enough to show off the nice hole through your ear as well as a sparkle from the stone.  00 gauge is a bit too small for a lot of detail on some of the stainless steel plugs but definitely better than a 2 gauge. If you check out our wood plugs it is amazing how much detail our artist can care in these size materials.

What is the difference between 0g and 00g ears?

The difference between 0G plugs and 00G ears is the size. Remember when discussing gauges the smaller the size the bigger the plugs. So at 0g the plugs are at 8mm and are smaller than the 00g plugs which are 10mm.

We love to create new styles in designs. Keep coming back to our shop to discover what new designs we have created. With one of the largest variety in the world We guarantee you will love the look we have for your stretched ears.