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Lucifer's Gem Faceted Cut Plugs - (Pair) - PH98

Lucifer's Gem Faceted Cut Plugs - (Pair) - PH98

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Straight from the depths of Hell.  We have released the Lucifer Gems!!!  The Lucifer Gems put a touch of sparkly onto the plugs of evil.  These red double flare plugs sparkle like a diamond. 

Diameters and sizes available...

  • 6mm(2g)
  • 8mm(0g)
  • 10mm(00g)
  • 11mm (7/16")
  • 13mm(1/2 inch)
  • 14mm(9/16 inch)
  • 16mm(5/8 inch)
  • 19mm(3/4 inch)
  • 22mm(7/8 inch)
  • 25mm(1 inch)

Product Details:

Material: Glass
Color: Red
Cut: Double Flare
Type: Round

All shipments come from Orlando, FL.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Anthony Conner
Flavor of the month

These plugs look great and comfortable. Definitely recommend 👌

Jillian Zunica
Red gem plugs.

Super cute! Size runs a bit small so I would recommend going up a size.. it seems any plugs that aren’t silicone from here run a mm smaller. If that helps


These are beautiful and fit perfectly. Sometimes my ears don't like flanged earrings but these are great. They are also secure and don't fall out whole. I'm sleeping. The facets make them shiny. Very nice!

Jeremy Williams
My new favorite gauges!

I was blown away by these plugs.

The quality of them was outstanding. When I first looked at them I thought they were dull, but when the light hits them they are so cool! They kinda glow!

I want the purple ones now.....


Very beautiful and comfortable!