Hoops for Stretched Ears

Hoop Ear Hangers

Hoops from Two Feather Plugs are one of the best looks for our stretched ear community.  We stock several different styles and materials of hoops.  Our most popular are our hand carved wood hoops which is a show stopper.  Each one is carved with care and precision.  We also sell hoops in stone, glass, and stainless steel.  You will Love the look of these gauged hoops.

What size do you sell your Hoops in?

Depending on the material we sell a wide range of sizes for your hoops.  We start fro gauged ears ar 2mm and go as high as 25 inches.  Our horn hoops start as small as 2mm (12 gauge).  Horn is a durable material that can start as small as gauged ears at 2mm.  We carve our wood hangers as high as 25mm.  The wood is light enough to carve this high of a gauge because they will sit comfortably and snug and not weigh your lobe down like ear weights.  Our stone, glass, and steel hoops have a little more weight so we cannot make them very large.  So we typically stop around gauged ears that are 12 or 14 mm.

How do the hoops stay in your stretched ears?

We make these hangers are made to fit properly in your stretched ears.  So they should fit in your current size ears snuggly.  If your ears are more on the higher side of your current size, or if you have oil like jojoba you may start to see some slipping in the ear.  If this is the case Two Feather plugs also sells rubber o-rings that you put on each side side of the hoop to help secure the hoop in your ears. Hoop hangers are not heavy like ear weights so they will weigh your ears down.

Bone and Horn Hoop Hangers

We carve gorgeous bone and horn earrings.  We use the Asian water buffalo bone and horn.  All the material is harvested after the animal dies.  We do not waste anything from this beautiful animal.  We can only carve our bone up to 0 gauge or 00 gauge due to the natural thickness of the bone.  If you think of the bone it is naturally round and has a certain thickness.  So we cannot carve these curved bones into larger gauge earrings.  Likewise the horn is similarly curved.  So we can only carve our horn earrings up to 13mm (1/2 inch).

Fake Gauged Hoops

If you do not have stretched ears we have you covered. We have made fake gauged hoops that come apart and go into your ear using stainless steel posts that fit into your regular size pierced ear. The hoops come back together that make it appear like you are wearing hangers for gauged ears. It is a great style and look for you. If you have any questions on how these fake gauged earrings feel free to shoot us an email.

You will Love our Jewelry from Two Feather Plugs

There is no doubt that you will absolutely love the hoop hangers from Two Feather Plugs.  We have the best and largest selection of hoops for your stretched ears.  If you ever have any questions about our hoops please feel free to email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com.  We love talking about any of our style plugs, tunnels, spirals, and hoop hangers.  Ask us anything. We will help you shop and make sure we get the correct pair for your ears.