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Bat Cape Saddles - Stainless Steel (Pair) - PSS153

Bat Cape Saddles - Stainless Steel (Pair) - PSS153

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Bat Cape Saddles

These Bat Cape Saddles are double flared and measured to fit in your ears.  So if you normally wear a 0G round plug you would purchase a 0G saddle.  They are currently available in these sizes.

Diameters available...

  • 10 mm = 00 gauge
  • 12 mm = 15/32"
  • 14 mm = 9/16"
  • 16 mm = 5/8"
  • 18 mm = 11/16"
  • 19 mm - 3/4"

Product Details:

Material: Steel
Color: Silver
Type: Saddle

For more information:

How to get Teardrop Plugs, Coffins, and Saddles into your Stretched Ears.

All shipments come from Orlando, FL.

*Please note that all earrings are individually hand-carved with love and passion. There is typically a slight difference between the two earrings.

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