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Thank you for all the LOVE and SUPPORT.  We have been asked by a few customers if we are still shipping our plugs and tunnels because of the Coronavirus.   We are a small business of 5 employees and are taking the safest measures to continue to ship out our product to you.

UPDATE: May 25th:  We have our employees back!!!  We are very excited to have our employees back this week.  My wife and I have been working hard for the last couple of months without them.  That said we know we are low on a lot of sizes.  Now that we have our employees back we can focus again on trying to replenish our inventory.  Thank you for understanding it takes time to make our artwork and we hope to be able to keep up with the crazy demand.

We are currently seeing a 24-hour turnaround in the USA during the weekdays and still are seeing around a 3-5 business day turnaround with USPS.  Our ultimate goal is to get you your product as safe as possible. 

International shipping is currently still being a bit disrupted in Europe, China, and Hong Kong.  We do not know what your country will do and you may have to wait longer for your package to arrive in your country.  Please also know this is an ever-changing event.  We cannot know what will happen in your area.

Thank you for your continued support of our small business.  We LOVE making plugs and hangers for you and look forward to continuing to do it throughout 2020.


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Sorry the pandemic has brought your staff down to just the two of you. Praying and sending positive vibes y’all way. Stay safe, peace be the journy. 🤙🏼


Hey guys. From over on the other side of the state (assuming you’re still in FL), please stay safe. <3
We need your beauty in the craziness going on.


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