16mm - (5/8") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

16mm gauges 5/8 inch

Two Feather Plugs sells a wide variety of plugs, tunnels, and hanger in 16mm.  We stock several different materials such as stainless steel, wood, stone, and glass.  There are several shapes, colors, double flare, and single flare to choose from.

What are 16mm plugs in inches

All our plugs at Two Feather Plugs are carved in millimeters.  We make them in millimeters and then convert the millimeters into inches.  At 16mm we convert our plugs to 5/8 inch.  This is pretty standard conversion across the stretched ear community.  We always tell our customer to know their size plugs in millimeters.  All plugs are made in millimeters and then converted into inches or gauges.

16mm Wooden Plugs

Our hand carved plugs are extremely detailed at 16mm.  Our artist are able to add a lot more detail than the smaller gauges.  If you check out some of our unique wooden skulls you will see the detail we are able to carve at this gauge.

16mm Wooden Hangers

One of the most unique plugs that Two Feather sells are our larger wooden hangers.  At 16mm these wooden hangers are still light weight and will fit snuggly in your 5/8 inch stretched ears.  The mystic leaves hangers are full of artistic detail that are perfect for that night out on the town.

5/8 inch Stainless Steel Plugs

 One of our most popular materials we sell in our 5/8 inch size is stainless steel. This size gives more detail than the smaller gauge sizes. We have a lot of spooky plugs at this size. From our spider teardrop plugs to our snake and bat saddles. Or you can go with a simple stainless steel tunnel found in black, silver, or gold.

16mm (5/8") Coffin Plugs

16mm is a perfect size to wear our coffin plugs. My personal favorite is the glass dead princess coffin plug. It is such a nice mix of colors of purple and blue. And it is so shiny and sparkly in our customers stretched ears.