30mm - (1 - 1/6") Plugs | Tunnels | Ear Weights

30mm Plugs for Stretched Ears

Two Feather Plugs carves a lot of wood plugs and the largest size we typically go up to is 30mm.  We want to let you be able to show off your large holes in your ears.  This gauged size looks incredible for stretched ears.  You will love the artwork we have available for sale in 30mm.

What size is 30mm gauge size in inches?

Two Feather Plugs carves all their plugs in millimeters and convert the millimeters to inches.  30mm is approximately 1 - 1/6 inch.  We always recommend to know your gauge size in millimeters as most all plugs and tunnels are made in millimeters.

30mm Double Flare Plugs and Tunnels

We make most all of our plugs and tunnels in the larger sizes only in double flare.  Single flare really just do not work well at the larger sizes.  At 30mm you want a little more security and our 2 millimeter flare will make sure your plugs or tunnels stay in your ears. Our 30 mm plugs are available in several materials including glass, stone, and wood.

30mm Ear Weights and Hangers

If you are at the size of 30mm for your stretched ears you can still where most out ear weights.  These will sit nicely on the bottom of your lobe and will give a stretch to the ear.  Our ear hangers typically only go up to 25 mm or 1 inch.  For most of our designs the wood just becomes too heavy to stay securely in your ear.  So we typically stop at this 1 inch size.  There are a few exceptions to this though in smaller designs.

Our 30 mm Wood Gauges are Gorgeous

This is where our artwork really shines.  Our larger plugs and tunnels really are amazing artwork.  You will really be able to see our carving skills and detail at this gauge size.  Our spooky plugs like our ghosts and bats and incredible.  You will also love our frogs, cats, and wood tunnels all carved perfectly with comfort for your ears in mind. We are constantly carving these wood plugs trying to keep these plugs in stock.

If you have a question about our 30mm gauges or any of our jewelry please email us at twofeatherinfo@gmail.com. Our collection of gauges and jewelry has a wide variety of materials to choose from. Please let us know if you need any help.