Do you ever feel judged for having stretched ear?

I used to feel this but eventually got over it.  No need to hear my story we want to hear yours.

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I have a two year old, and I live in the south. I don’t THINK I’m being judged, I know for a fact I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Quida Rees

I used to. Now I don’t care what they think.


I feel judged all the time. My boyfriend don’t Like stretched ears he is very Opinionated but I did not do it for him I did it for myself.

Crystal cason

Absolutely!! I’m also in the medical field. Once they see some of the things i have done they think i can’t do my job.

Sunshine jones

I don’t feel judged, though I’m sure people do. It wouldn’t bother me though If I did feel that way. I’m proud to wear my plugs/gauges, especially hangers!

Chantel Ertmer

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