Do you ever feel judged for having stretched ear?

I used to feel this but eventually got over it.  No need to hear my story we want to hear yours.

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I do get judged especially by my family but they accept that it’s part of my personality, just like my hair color and tattoos!


I feel judged a lot of the time. But the historical reasons for ear stretching outweigh my care for others opinions.

Sarah Elizabeth Brunk

Its good to do storys on this

Sara Schwab

I love my stretched ears and think the jewelry for them is beautiful. I have had people ask me “what’s the point?” but I smile and will answer all their questions about stretching.


No, not currently. I’m a size 7/8 and when I was younger sure I might have felt some type of way about it, being that I played sports and was in school for business management. But now I have a full time job, working outside and when I asked if I needed to keep them out for work, they actually told me to keep them in for safety reasons. I have coworkers who ask me about them and are super interested. They also compliment some of them if I have “cool” ones in.

Stefani Vaimagalo

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